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Celebrity home feature: Henry Cavill


The moment he put on the red and blue tights to become Superman, Henry Cavill's career took off faster than a speeding bullet.

Life suddenly became very different for the 30 year old British actor, who not so long ago, enjoyed anonymity. But putting on the cape and tights of the Man of Steel in the titular movie turned shy Cavill into a popular public figure.

The need for privacy for the reserved actor is now a sought after commodity.

So when he eyed the home sitting on natural rise - much like the Malibu House Tony Stark lived in, in Iron Man - on Lake Sherwood in the California mountains, he made a bid just under the asking price of $5.5 million to secure his own Fortress of Solitude.

After all, after his break-ups with Gina Carano and Kaley Cuoco was blamed on his constantly scrutinized public life, it pays to to be far from prying eyes of the paparazzi and the outside world. The home is secluded yet close enough to Hollywood - about 20 minutes away - so Cavill gets to enjoy his privacy and make quick trips to work when necessary.

The beautiful futuristic home that made the Last Son of Krypton swoop in with his asking price has floor-to-ceiling windows, a movie room, pool, spa, boat dock and even planning permission for a helipad. The house is apparently quite elusive as well since there aren't any pictures of it anywhere aside from a the description that likens it to the Tracy Island home (pictured) of TV's Thunderbirds.

It's good for a quick escape though, if Superman ever found his wings clipped. Besides, going incognito on a boat in the middle of the ocean is a a great way to escape prying eyes if you can afford it.

But if the real estate agent dealing with the home is to be believed, all of that won't be necessary as the property, "is the perfect location for a celebrity who does not want to be bothered."

Ultimately, it may not even be the home he deserves, but it's the one he needs right now.

Written by: Christopher Chitty

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