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5 Most ridiculous pet homes

Pets are great companions.

Having one around has also been proven to be therapeutic and calming for people who are suffering from ailments. A pet can show you unconditional love and when treated right will be a loyal friend to you forever.

So it's not uncommon to hear of owners buying the occasional expensive gift for their pet. After all, it's only good that you pamper your furry friend sometimes.

Rich folk however, have taken pampering their pets to a whole new level. With lavish gifts and outrageous pet homes, they've managed to turn pampering into a lifestyle.

In this article, we take a look at five such homes;

5. Paris Hilton's dog mansion

Just to be clear, Paris Hilton did not move into a dog mansion.

She did, however, create a mini-replica of her own mansion for her dogs. The dog house is two-storeys, fully air-conditioned complete with miniature Philippe Starck furniture.



A black chandelier also hangs in the mini-mansion.

The first floor is the living room while the second floor is the bedroom outfitted with a closet. In that closet, Paris keeps the numerous outfits she has purchased for her dogs; Tinkerbell, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Prada, Dolce and Marilyn Monroe.




The doghouse was outfitted by interior decorator Faye Resnick and is big enough for Paris to enter to hang out with her pets.

4. Extreme Birdhouse

Extreme Birdhouse is a company that specializes in custom built bird houses.

Using European styled reclaimed wood, bird lover, John Looser has created some of the world's most beautiful birdhouses. Unlike his counterparts however, John's birdhouses does not boast ridiculous features.




These custom made bird houses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes too. The European reclaimed wood he uses is notable for being either decades or centuries old!

Building these birdhouses take John many hours, days and weeks and are a testament to the man's skill and dedication to his craft.




Also, compared to other pet homes, his are largely inexpensive.

3. Cat tree house

Arguably, cats require less watching over than dogs.

You would have to watch out for your stuff though as your cat would likely climb everywhere and sink their claws into everything.

A cat tree house thus, is the perfect hang out for your feline.




This particular tree house costs a mere SGD$1,657 (in contrast with the others on this list) and it provides the cat with climbing room and simple sleeping quarters.

Unlike the dog palace, the cat tree house has everything the cat needs to be comfortable without turning it into a heavily domesticated and spoilt pet.

2. Rabbit hutch

This rabbit hutch costs £10,000. That converts to SG$18,929.77.

Home to Hunnie and Runnie, the spacious rabbit abode is built out of pinewood and stainless steel.

It is lit with LED spotlights, has heating to keep the pair warm, automatic shutters that protects them from bad weather and security cameras for the owner to check in on them.



The camera is also infra-red so owners, Jason and Mairi Batterbee can check in on their pets after dark. The hutch also has a ceiling fan to keep the rabbits cool on warmer days.

The super advanced hutch allows the Batterbees to check in on their pets when they're on holidays via camera feed on their laptops.




The system is connected to their mobile phone, allowing them to send commands and receive notifications when the order is carried out.

The only thing it can't do is feed the pets but that's what friends are for.

1. Heritage hen house

Here's one thing we never expected to see; a hen house that costs US$100,000.

Designed by Svetlana Simon for Neiman Marcus' 2012 Fantasy Christmas Gift Book, the hen house is a luxurious two-storey egg laying quarters for heirloom hens.

The house was modelled after the Petit Trianon house in Versailles.




It is a multilevel ‘house' with a nesting area, broody room, living room, a waterer, feeder, two pasture grazing trays, a chandelier and a library with books.

What's more, two private consultants come with the hen house that will ‘hold the would-be farmer's hand' as he raises his own flock.

Does that sound ridiculous? It's up to you to decide.


Perhaps it is out of love that people would splurge exorbitant amounts of money on their pets.

Whatever their reasons, pet houses such as Paris's dog palace and the hen house are incredibly beautiful but equally ridiculous in both concept and implementation.

What hen needs a library with books , let alone living rooms and chandeliers? 

The rabbit hutch, despite its price tag at least retains sensibility. Extravagance can be justified if the implementation makes sense.

It may be cute and a novelty but ultimately, a risk because you'll never know how your pet will react to its' luxurious house. Animals are as, if not more unpredictable than humans. 

For all you know, it'll be much happier hanging out in a paper bag.

Check out even more pictures of amazing and ridiculous pet homes on our Pinterest board!

Written by: Christopher Chitty

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