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15 Rude British street names that cut property prices

The problem with naming a street after someone or something is, over time, that name might end up being an unfortunate consequence of a changing vocabulary. An innocent sounding word fifty, a hundred years ago may inadvertently become something amusing, even rude in some cases.

Middlesex Road, Kay Poh Road (named after Wee Kay Poh, the name has the misfortune of also meaning busybody), Jalan Malu-Malu (shy, shameful, embarrassed or modest in Malay), Jalan Sotong (squid in Malay but it also colloquially means blur/ditsy) and Bury Road are some names that warrants a raised eyebrow or a chuckle at the least but are unlikely to affect property prices. Outside of Singapore, these names fall off the funny bandwagon. Chalk that up to a radically different culture.

In Britain however, it's a different story.

A local property portal there spent two months researching the effect street names had on property prices and discovered that the properties on streets with the rudest and most embarrassing names were worth an estimated £84,000 (SGD178,220.84) less than their counterparts that were nearby but not sitting on a similarly named street.

Over 2,000 British adults were polled on the 15 streets they'd be most embarrassed to live on and the results are both amusing and cringe-worthy.

Disclaimer: Some of these names are heavily steeped in innuendo so if you're easily offended (or underaged), stop reading!


15. Cold Blow Lane - Lambeth London

14. Beaver Close - Richmond, Surrey

13. Cock and Bell Lane - Long Melford, Suffolk

12. Clitterhouse Road - Brent Cross, London

11. Cock Lane - Farringdon, London

10. Cock A-Dobby - Sandhurst, Berkshire

9. Cumming Street - Islington, London

8. Cockshoot Close - Stonesfield, Oxfordshire

7. Turkey Cock Lane - Stanway, Essex

6. The Knob - Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire

5. Crotch Crescent - Marston, Oxfordshire

4. Bell End - Rowley Regis, West Midlands

3. Fanny Hands Lane - Ludford, Lincolnshire

2. Slag Lane - Lowtown, Lancashire

1. Minge Lane - Uptown upon Severn, Worcestershire

A quick Google search for the meaning of these streets will leave you unfortunately enlightened.

And we can agree that the Brits seem to have an unhealthy obsession with naming things after people's nether regions! If you're feeling uncomfortable looking at these names, just imagine how the people who live there feel.

Yet, there is an upside here. Given the radical decline of prices on these streets, people who don't care for the names are in fact, up for a massive bargain.

Take Minge Lane for example; in nearby Longfield, a similarly placed house goes for £325,000. On Minge Lane, the house is priced at £253,389. That's a £71,611 (SGD151,907.50) difference!

It is beyond amusing how something so superficial can have such a dramatic impact on property prices in Britain.

Then again, if you have to tell the taxi driver "Turkey Cock Lane, please" everytime you're returning home drunk, it might get a little tiresome if they look at you like you've lost your marbles.


Written by: Christopher Chitty


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