How to protect landed property
Living on landed property is nice but its up to you to maintain it and keep things like water and mold out...
Stopping a home infestation
If your home has a few bugs, be prepared for a full scale invasion. We've got tips on how to combat this!
Sprucing up your Spot
Selling your home is more than preparing a piece of paper to sign. Read on to find out more about the steps you...
Identifying a Trustworthy Contractor
Concerned over hiring a contractor? Here are some tips to help you out
Alternative investment: buying property in a video game Part 2
Continuing where we left off with the first article, we now explore the difference business types for the planets...
Alternative investments: buying property in a video game Part 1
Have you ever thought of investing on an asteroid or a planet in space? Well now you can, in Entropia Universe...
Mortgage 101: How to go about financing your overseas property
Need to take a mortgage for your overseas property? Here's what you need to know first...
How exchange rates affect your decision in buying overseas property
Thinking of buying property overseas? Take a moment and read this warning first...
5 Ways To Make Sleeping In Your Bed Healthier
It's where we doze off every night, but most of us probably don't give too much thought about whether our bed is the...
How to decorate a darling nursery
Your little one is just months away from arrival and you're eagerly looking for ideas to do up the baby room.
7 Tips To Avoid Renovation Fraud
Whether it is to protect yourself against scammers that take your money and run or contractors who produce shoddy...
10 Most Popular Homes (HDB/Condo) In Singapore 2015
Singapore has spoken! Here are the top 10 most popular homes in 2015 for you to feast your eyes on.
Cut out the clutter!
Fret not - there are ways to stay on top of household mess
Things to consider before renting
There are many things to consider before and after you rent a place. Here are some things that are usually missed...
Saving space the easy way
Have a tonne of stuff you need moved or stored but no idea how or where to start? Here's just five tips to help you...
5 Things you need for your new home
What do you need for your new home? Is that TV really necessary? Here's our 5 recommendations...
Aria Cafe: A casual dining joint that brings food, music and arts together
Adorned with graffiti art by the talented Ceno2 and with warm string lights hanging from the ceiling, Aria is a cosy...
Playgrounds of yesterday
If you grew up in the 70s or the 90s, playgrounds were where we played. Join us on a trip down memory lane...
Celebrity home feature: Henry Cavill
Where does the Man of Steel really call home? Clue: It's as mysterious as he is...
3 Easy steps to improve your home
If your home is a little small and you want to add some size to it without costly renovation, here are three easy...

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