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About Li Xuan

Gold Achiever for Month of Nov & Dec 2019
Top 150 Producers for Month of Dec 2019 (#113)

Li Xuan is a Real Estate Consultant who not only specialises in helping clients accumulate their wealth through the means of property investments but also spotting undervalued properties with good potential upside.
LOOKING TO PURCHASE YOUR NEXT PROPERTY? Do you know that while many people do invest in property to help them build wealth, some are based on OUTDATED strategies that are not only less efficient, but might even end up GETTING BOUND by the wrong purchase! ​ Don't worry, we are here to help you! ​ If we do get the opportunity to meetup, you will be shown the 3 common misconceptions that buyers will tend to have while looking for their next property (self-stay/investment), to help you STAY UPDATED without having to risk your hard-earned money. Sellers out there, are you aware that the longer you stay in your HDB flat, the more accrued interest is levied against your property when you decide to sell… ​ Imagine… ​ If the price of your flat is not increasing over the next few years, how much Cash Proceeds will you receive when you decide to sell later? And if you were to sell now, would you not wish that your unit can be sold EFFICIENTLY AT THE RIGHT PRICE? What if a solution can be met that addresses this concern and you can: 1. Stop worrying about wasting time with insincere buyers 2. Better control over your asking price 3. Get your unit off the market efficiently 4. Position your unit as THE UNIQUE ONE out of the hundreds & thousands of listing in the market right now. To find out more about: 1. The different marketing strategies that many clients have benefited from after having their listed unit stuck in the market prior to reading this. 2. The common mistakes that sellers made will also be shared to ensure that you, won't be the next one doing it! Call/WhatsApp Li Xuan @ 91877682
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