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Where Eugene Operates

About Eugene

Eugene Koh represents Preeminent Group, #1 Team in ERA Singapore & Asia Pacific, one of ERA's youngest and most successful Divisions.
With a wide array of distinguished accolades, such as being a SAF scholar at a top local university, Eugene’s strong hunger for success has been shown throughout his life and career. Customer service-oriented individual, Eugene is committed to bringing satisfaction and fulfilling the needs of his clients in the real estate-related industry. He has actively transacted deals every year and has impressively attained numerous accolades in his real estate career, a testament to the hard work he has put in for his clients' best interest. Eugene is also a division trainer and group trainer, passing on his knowledge and guide aspiring realtors to success. If you are looking for a hardworking and trustworthy agent to handle your property, Eugene Koh is there to answer your inquiries at ☎️ 97231103. Websites: www.thepropertyyard.com www.youtube.com/thepropertyyardsg Facebook: www.facebook.com/eugenekohh Instagram: eugene.kohh Among his accolades: ERA Overall Top 700 Achievers 2020 ERA Top 18th New Achievers 2020 ERA Top 100 Achiever July 2021 ERA Star Achiever December 2021 ERA Star Achiever October 2021 ERA Star Achiever September 2021 ERA Star Achiever August 2021 ERA Diamond Achiever July 2021 ERA Superstar Achiever June 2021 ERA Star Achiever May 2021 ERA Star Achiever March 2021 ERA Star Achiever February 2021 ERA Star Achiever January 2021 ERA Star Achiever December 2020 ERA Star Achiever November 2020 ERA Star Achiever October 2020 ERA Star Achiever September 2020 ERA Star Achiever August 2020 ERA Star Achiever July 2020 ERA Star Achiever June 2020 ERA Star Achiever March 2020 ERA Star Achiever February 2020 ERA Star Achiever November 2019 ERA Star Achiever September 2019 Preeminent Group Awards (TOP Division in ERA for 8 Consecutive years): Preeminent TOP 100 Achievers July 2021 (17th) Preeminent TOP 100 Achievers June 2021 (68th) Preeminent Overall TOP 162nd Achiever 2020 Preeminent TOP 100 Achievers October 2020 (96th) Preeminent TOP 100 Achievers June 2020 (93th) Preeminent TOP 100 Achievers September 2019 (68th) Prevalent Group Awards Prevalent Overall TOP 25th Achiever 2020
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Specialties & Services

  • Apartment Sales

  • Landed House Sales

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

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