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Passionate, driven and determined to help my clients achieve their objectives in maximizing the yield and capital appreciation of their property portfolio.
Enthusiastic about helping more people in investing in properties and leading more like-minded individuals to become the next generation of dedicated professionals and leaders in real estate who live by right principles and values. Joined Propnex in 2008 and had consistently ranked top in the company. Such achievements are no mean feat but made feasible only thru sincerity, professionalism, commitment, sheer determination and customer-centricity. But most of all because thru hard work and consistency, my clients and team continue to trust in my services and leadership throughout these years. Resilience is one of my core values to be able to push myself harder while remaining optimistic more so during tough times in the industry. I can help you to choose the "right" property in Singapore - whether you are an experienced investor, a first time buyer or a foreigner looking to move into or invest in Singapore. My services cover you through the whole process - finding the property, negotiating the best price, making an offer and closing the deal. I am here to help you in everything to make the best real estate decision in your life. I focus in the prime districts of Singapore and am very skilled in negotiating the best price and terms for my clients. Time is of the essence Timing is everything in real-estate but time also waits for no one so let me help you buy/sell your property today. Awards 2020 Sep Platinum Achiever 2020 Sep Top Private Property Transactor 2020 Jun Top Individual Producer 2020 Apr Top Private Property Transactor 2020 Feb Top Individual Producer 2020 PropNex Annual Champion Associate District Director 2020 PropNex Annual Top Individual Producer 2019 2Q Champion Associate District Director 2019 2Q Top Individual Producer 2019 May Platinum Achiever 2019 May Top Private Property Transactor 2019 Apr Top Individual Producer 2019 Propnex Annual Top Individual Producer (2018) 2018 Nov Platinum Achiever 2018 3Q Top Individual Producer 2018 Oct Platinum Achiever 2018 May Top Private Property Transactor 2018 Aug Champion Individual Producer 2018 Aug Top Private Property Transactor 2018 May Platinum Achiever 2018 PAC Top 9 Individual Producer for 2017 2018 10-YEAR PROPNEX AMBASSADOR 2017 3rd Qtr Top Individual Producer 2017 Oct Platinum Achiever 2017 Aug Top Individual Producer 2017 Apr Platinum Achiever 2015 3rd Qtr Top Producer 2015 Aug Champion Top Producer 2015 Aug Champion Top Individual Producer 2015 PAC Top Producer 2014 2nd Qtr Top Producer 2014 Jun Top Producer 2014 Apr Top Producer 2013 PAC Top Producer 2012 Nov Top Producer 2012 3rd Qtr Top Producer 2012 Aug Top Producer 2012 Jul Top Producer 2012 May Top Producer 2012 PAC Top Producer 2012 5 YEARS AMBASSADOR 2011 3rd Qtr Top Producer 2011 Sep Top Producer 2011 Jun Top Producer 2011 1st Qtr Top Group Division Director 2011 1st Qtr Top Producer 2011 Mar Top Producer 2011 PAC Top Producer 2010 Dec Top Producer 2010 Aug Top Producer 2010 2nd Qtr Top Producer 2010 May Top Producer 2010 PAC Top Producer 2010 Feb Top Producer 2009 Oct Top Producer 2009 1st Qtr Top Producer 2009 Mar/Feb Top Producer Testimonials I first contacted Eric Tay Sze Yong thru his banner advertisement at a landed house he was trying to lease in Woodlands in 2006. Despite him being a brand new agent, I wanted to give him a chance to prove himself so I got him to market our properties for lease and for sale because he struck me as an honest and passionate realtor. Since then, I have recommended him to a lot of my family members and close friends because I know Eric's heart is to make sure they are well cared for in their real-estate needs. He is still my agent to this day because I trust him to deliver quality results and he will do his utmost to meet if not exceed my expectations. He has successfully concluded many of my property transactions throughout the years including that of my family members and friends. I would like to commend him on his unwavering professionalism that spans more than a decade and looking forward to more engaging years ahead with him. Mrs. Lim Multiple Property Owner/Investor Eric Tay has sourced tenants and managed my apartment in Singapore for over 13 years. I have no cause for complaint with respect to his endeavours to finding quality tenants, ensure the property remains in good condition during the tenancy, carry out checkouts professionally, arrange for the property to be refreshed in good time at optimal costs and source new tenants expeditiously. I wish that the agents looking after my properties in other parts of the world are as pro-active, responsive and intelligent as Eric. Mr. Lee, Hongkong Landlord
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