柯理尹 Fredrick Or

柯理尹 Fredrick Or

Associate Senior Division Director
  • CEA Registration No. R016433C

  • Agency License No. L3008022J

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Thank you! I am honoured to receive:

✔ # 4 in Top 10 Achievers 2022 (CCD)
✔ # 2 in Project Sales 2015 (CCD)
✔ # 3 in Top 10 Achievers 2015 (CCD)
✔ # 38 in Top 50 Achievers 2015 (WHD)
✔ # Overall Top 150 Achievers 2015 (Huttons)

A seasoned real estate agent with a genuine approach to delivering the utmost in customer service, Fredrick Or combines his lifelong passion for new and old residential properties with industry expertise and interpersonal skills to provide a real estate experience that is as seamless as possible for his clients.
Attuned to each of his clients' individual real estate wants and needs, Fred truly revels in the opportunities he has to scour the marketplace in order to find the perfect property for each one of them. His unbridled enthusiasm for Singapore city living, in-depth knowledge of residential property, friendly negotiation skills, and penchant for architecture ensures his clients the satisfaction they deserve. ****** Drawing on his extensive experience working with buyers, tenants and landlords throughout Singapore for nearly 6 years after serving his clients in the financial planing or life insurance industry for 4 years, Fred prides himself as a great 'matchmaker' and consistently earns clients' trust by proving time and again that he can facilitate the most beneficial deals possible. ****** With his trained eye for design, Fred likes to help his buyers visualise their dream home by recognizing the potential in properties to reassure them that they are making sound real estate investments. Landlords also benefit from Fred's discerning eye for details resulting in smart property transformations, which inevitably increases the value of their property. Fred's refreshing approach to buying, renting-in or renting-out is credited with his fine Singaporean upbringing which taught him that being sincere and reliable was optimal when making that authentic connection. He is not only fluent in English and Chinese, but also in Cantonese. If you are hunting for new developer listings, look no further too. He will be your one-stop connection to all or most of the show flats you would like to go to in Singapore. His stamina and matchmaking ability in facilitating you with the entire buying procedure will definitely be smooth and pleasant. Call / Whatsapp / SMS Fred at +65 92772491  for a non-obligatory discussion Today!
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  • Apartment Rental

  • Apartment Sales

  • HDB Rental

  • HDB Sales

  • Commercial Property

  • Relocation Services

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柯理尹 Fredrick Or
柯理尹 Fredrick Or
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