Oct 10, 2010
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Changi Village
District 17


If there is a place in the realm of tranquillity and serenity, yet at close proximity to one of the world's busiest downtowns, there will be no better choice than Changi. Located at the eastern tip of Singapore in District 17, Changi is a great destination for people craving coastline beauty and at the same time looking forward to modern amenities and entertainment.

It is commonly believed that Changi gets its name from a local plant named changi ular, though there are other theories regarding its name. During World War II, the plantations and coastal cliffs at Changi were cleared by the British administration for the purpose of building a hospital and other military establishments. These historical buildings, along with the moderate climate of the region, make Changi a developing tourist center.

Places of interest

As Changi has special links to wartime history, there are many places of historical interestThe region is also famous for its aerospace industry. Some of the most famous and important places and events are:

Changi Chapel and Museum - Located on Upper Changi Road North, Changi Chapel and Museum is one the most popular historical sites. It portrays the history of Changi and gives details of the period when Singapore was occupied by the Japanese.

Changi Prison and Old Changi Hospital - On the same Upper Changi Road North is situated Changi Prison, a large complex made for political prisoners. Not very far from it is Old Changi Hospital, established and utilized during World War II. It provides the story of an old wartime history.

Changi Exhibition Center - Being the centre of Singapore's aerospace industry, Changi Exhibition Centre is where the Annual Singapore Air Show and Asian Aerospace Exhibition are held. This exhibition gives you the opportunity to witness the air shows with fighter aircrafts as well as the latest aeronautical technology.

Clubs For Various Sporting Activities - Being a popular centre for water sports, the Changi Sailing Club and Changi Beach Club allow you the opportunity to surf as well as windsurf. At the same time, the Changi Golf Club allows you to indulge your passion for golf.

Changi Point Boardwalk - At the western point of Changi, connecting the Changi Beach Club and Sailing Club is Changi Point Boardwalk, which was opened in 2005. While walking along this boardwalk, you can enjoy the beautiful coastline of Changi.

Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple - This famous Buddhist temple is visited by locals primarily on the weekends.

Sree Ramar Temple - Dedicated to Lord Ramar, this temple is said to be the only one of its kind in entire Southeast Asia. The temple, situated on the east coast of Changi overlooking the sea, is a spiritual center for the Hindu Community living in the eastern part of Singapore.


Though known as a place of tranquillity and serenity, there is no shortage of shopping in Changi. Some of the best places for shopping are:

Loyang point - This shopping centre contains Sheng Siong supermarket, along with several food giants to increase its appeal.

Elias Mall - It is a famous mall with Golden Bamboo Supermarket.

Courts Singapore - Courts award-winning megastore is located in nearby Tampines.

IKEA Tampines - A favourite among many homeowners, this Swedish furnishing giant has been catering to Singaporean customers for over two decades. They offer a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at low prices - so if you're looking for home accessories, furniture, or knick knacks, this is the place to go.

Century Square - While it comes to dining, you will get the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Changi, including the seafood. While one can certainly try one of the many roadside restaurants along the main street, there are others worth checking out.

• Changi Village Food Center
• Loyang Food Center
• Bedok Food Center
• Changi South Amenity Center
• Hawker Center-Famous for its nasi lemak stall, often crowded and bustled with long queues. The main sold items here are the delicious wanton i.e., fried fitters.


Changi is equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary for a luxurious yet secure lifestyle. Equipped with a high quality healthcare system, modern banking facilities, and parks and playgrounds, Changi is the epitome of beautiful living to its increasing number of residents.

In addition to entertaining amenities such as Pasir Ris Park, Mera Terrace playground, and the Tampines Mountain Bike Riding trail, Changi provides superior healthcare services in the form of Changi General Hospital. Residents truly have everything they need right here.

Transport Network

Changi has various modes of transport which connect the region with other parts of Singapore. Only a few minutes drive to the Singapore Changi Airport, this area also has MRT trains, as well SBS (Singapore Bus Service) Transit Bus Service.

Not to be forgotten is Changi Point's ferry service, which has boats to northeastern islands, such as Palau Ubin, and even to destinations in Malaysia.

Educational Institutions

In terms of schools and educational institutions, Changi offers enriched infrastructure in this field.

Some of the education institutions of Changi are:

• Greenview Secondary School
• Pasir Ris Crescent Secondary School
• Loyang Secondary School
• Pasir Ris Primary School
• Casurina Primary School
• White Sands Primary School
• Hai Sing Catholic
• Loyang Secondary School


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