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I'm looking for a condo in the Holland area. I came across 2 old condos (Willyn Ville and Tulip Garden) and a new one (The Rochester). Of course, there are others but I'm looking at these 3 only.

Tulip & Willyn Ville
I'm looking to buy at < $1000/= psf. Is this possible? I need them to be cash-flow positive assuming interest rates will be at 3-4% in future. I understand both projects tried to en-bloc but failed due to some reason. Please enlighten if you know the story as to why they failed the en-bloc exercise.

The Rochester
I'm looking for units close to $1000-$1150. Again, are there sellers out there willing to let go at this price? I'm looking at the rental equation so I need them to be cash-flow positive in future in the event interest rates rise.

Posted by Glen on Oct 17, 2010 in Condo Questions | 1216 Views

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Joseph Ong Chee Chuan
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Answer Posted on Oct 17, 2010

Regard to your question. There are quite no. of condo at Holland area and there one which is walking distance to Holland V, Shpg and Circle Line call Mera Saga

Joseph DWG

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