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Hi, I would like a few qns. 1) To apply new BTO flats, HDB states no ownership or disposal of local or overseas property within 30 months before the date of application. So if the time lapse is more than 30 months (eg 31 months), can I qualify to buy? 2) If I buy a flat (new or resale), how much do I need to stay before I can buy a private property. Can I buy a overseas property during this period? 3) How many attempts do I have for BTO selection process? 4) I understand that we can write in to appeal for exceptional cases for private property when applying for new flats. Can we appeal for exceptional cases when buying resales flats? 5) For ruling on ownership of private properties, does it cover residential, commercial and industrial?

Posted by Mr. Sam on May 17, 2013 in HDB Questions | 1322 Views

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Janeiro Wang 王又加
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Answer Posted on May 21, 2013
Dear Sam,

1. Yes

2. 5 years MOP regardless if its BTO or Resale, and during this period, no purchase of any other residential property regardless of local or foreign.

3. No limit on this. However, do note that once you have successfully balloted for a unit (when you have a ballot number) and if you do not successfully book a unit twice, you will face a time-bar of 1 year for further application of BTO flats.

4.The definition of 'exceptional' varies, but the party that decides whether it is exceptional enough will likely be HDB. Hence, would advise that you seek HDB's views / approvals.

5. The rulings mentioned here only covers residential. At the moment, Commercial and Industrial properties are separate entities. However, be aware that any purchase of property that has a residential element to it will also be under the residential rulings. An example would be a shophouse with residential elements (commercial & residential use).

Hope the above helps. For your 'exceptional' case, it will be best if you can seek HDB's inputs and if required, seek an MP's support. All the best.


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