Oct 25, 2012
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By Romesh Navaratnarajah:

Singapore’s real estate agency industry is set to become more competitive with the announcement that Colin Tan (pictured), widely considered Singapore’s top real estate sales trainer, will soon launch his own agency.

Called District 65, the firm will comprise a team of highly trained sales agents who will undergo the ColinTan Training & Consultancy (CTTC) “Becoming a Million Dollar Realtor” Programme.

“My training programme is unique and a bit unorthodox but it’s created many of the most successful agents in the country,” said Tan.

“I felt the time was right to create my own agency founded on the shared excellence of my training techniques and a working environment and common culture that will nurture success.”

Tan has big ambitions to make District 65 the top agency in the country in terms of revenue per agent, adding that the company will operate “not simply as real estate sales agents, but as business people” judging themselves on efficiency and productivity.

“I’m determined that District 65 will lead the market in customer service and be the best place for all agents to build significant personal wealth,” he said.

District 65 will be based in Mohd Sultan and its new office will also comprise a first-class sales gallery.


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