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  • $170,000 at $828/mo.
    1.99592% rate (1st Year)
    20 Years Fixed Rate

  • $1,330,000 at $4,281/mo.
    0.71916% rate (1st Year)
    30 Years Floating Rates

  • $900,000 at $6,789/mo.
    1.39592% rate (1st Year)
    12 Years Floating Rates

  • $280,000 at $1,335/mo.
    1.38% rate (1st Year)
    20 Years Floating Rates

  • $900,000 at $4,123/mo.
    1.00113% rate (1st Year)
    20 Years Floating Rates

  • $450,000 at $1,508/mo.
    1.29592% rate (1st Year)
    30 Years Floating Rates

  • $500,000 at $1,749/mo.
    1.99592% rate (1st Year)
    30 Years Fixed Rate