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Feng shui & minimalist home design

Feng shui advocates the usage of space to encourage Chi to flow freely through the house.

Chi translates to ‘life energy', ‘life force' or ‘energy flow' and is considered positive energy. It is necessary for bringing good luck, health, wealth and many other positive facets to the people living in the house.

Even though feng shui is an ancient practice, many of its principles have been adapted to the modern day.

Minimalism works well with feng shui as both share similar philosophies. While it places less emphasis on tidiness than minimalism, it does encourage a balance between open space and solid furniture.

However, minimalist design can be modified to satisfy both the feng shui requirements while maintaining its philosophy of keeping only essential items in the house.

Natural objects are important to feng shui so furniture made out of wood stays in line with that practice. To satisfy minimalism, keep the furniture simple and functional.


Feng shui also requires you to place certain types of elements in specific locations in the house.

Depending on the orientation, you would have picked out the relevant spot to place your coffee tables, water features and so forth.

Place your furniture in accordance with feng shui principles to generate Chi and allow positive energy to flow through your house.

Keep your items at home to a minimal; this in turn makes your home spacious.

Colour is also very important to feng shui. Minimalism however, opts for a very simple palette of black, white, gray or brown.

Earth or subdued colours are important in achieving a minimalist look.

For feng shui, the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) are represented by colour. Too much or too little of either would be inviting Sha into your home; Chi's negative counterpart.

You can counter this by purchasing lamps, paintings or vases that come in colours that are important to feng shui.

Minimalism encourages accented decorations so place these items in feng shui recommended locations in the house.

If these decorations possess a slightly organic and natural shape, it will be good for feng shui. They need not be oriental decorations as long as they fit harmoniously in your home.

Remember to not go overboard with the decorations. You still have to keep in line with the tidy and ‘essential items only' requirement of minimalism.

Hoarding according to feng shui will breed Sha. It also goes against everything minimalism stands for.

In this regard and many others, feng shui and minimalist home design compliment each.

Written by: Christopher Chitty

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